Who we are

Lidya is Finance-on-Demand. We use data to identify
well run businesses, offering them
same-day credit, inexpensive payments and
forecasting tools that help them grow faster.

Lidya supports the boldest, most driven, and creative leaders as they start new ventures, expand locally, grow into new markets and embark on new cross-border and digital trade opportunities.

We provide the best outcomes for our customers by eliminating complexity and providing simple and intuitive finance. Through our proprietary fintech platform we provide financial services and funding in as little as 24 hours with no collateral requirement so we can unlock finance for businesses that may never have borrowed before and are credit invisible. We are committed to transparency, are fully digital and powered by AI, ensuring our service is simple and inclusive.

Our Mission

Lidya’s mission is helping well run, fast growing business owners build high impact businesses and we have one of Africa’s largest, deepest and most comprehensive databases of SME data. Since we were founded, our systems have in aggregate digitized and analyzed over US $50 Billion worth of data, issued about 32,500 loans and are approaching US $100m in loan disbursements.

Our Vision

Lidya is Finance-on-Demand; using data to identify well run businesses, offering them same-day credit, inexpensive payments and spend management tools that help them grow faster. As we look to the future, we are excited about how the new tools we are rolling out will shape the future of Lidya and of alternative financing. Supporting SMEs to thrive with cutting edge technology that will help them achieve a clear, single view of their treasury position.

Our Values

Customer Focus

Our customers are the foundation of everything we do. That is why we deliver impact with ethics and integrity. Customers are our mission and our inspiration – they give us new ideas and keep us nimble. We are determined to help them grow.

High Standards

As a team, we support each other and hold each other accountable. We have a “growth mindset” and believe through hard work, good strategy, and input from others, we can improve. At Lidya, we do our homework every day, test rigorously every day, and the best ideas win every day.


We give our best to provide next-level service to our customers (internal and external). Lidya is a commitment. Each of us takes responsibility and pride in doing exceptional work every day, because we are excited to build powerful solutions. Any task or item we are assigned, we know it is not “someone else’s problem”. We finish our work to the best of our ability and ask for help to make our output world-class.

Data + Human Intuition

Financial innovation demands agility, creativity, and never losing sight of the human relationships we have with our customers. Lidya is data-driven at the core. We believe in human intuition and imagination, but we are humble enough to know intuition may be wrong and use data to support our decision making and turn analytics into action.


We believe we can grow. Belief in our mission makes us ambitious to grow our global footprint. We aim to be number 1 (not number 2 or number 3) in all our markets. We also know that growth must be sustainable. As we take on new challenges, we will always remain rooted in our local communities.

Team + Perseverance

Lidya is a strong, multicultural team. We are respectful, open, honest, empowering, and joyful. We know we cannot overcome obstacles without the team – or without perseverance. We know setbacks will come but if everybody listens, is brave and shows determination to succeed, we will develop personally and win together as a team

Marketed as a digital bank with no branches, Lidya offers small and medium-sized businesses unsecured loans of between $500 and $15,000. - Featured in Bloomberg

Lidya’s Key Growth Milestones

Lidya is a fintech company founded in Nigeria in 2016 by Co-Founder & CEO Tunde Kehinde and is
headquartered in the US. Today, we have teams based in Portugal and the US and we are the leading
digital financier of SMEs in Nigeria.



Lidya's Foundation


Lidya Incorporation


Lidya start operation


First Loan disbursed



Lidya Seed Round


100 Loans disbursed


Lidya Tech Center



Lidya Series A Round



5,000 Loans disbursed


10,000 Loans disbursed


Lidya Incorporation


Lidya start operation
Czech Republic


Lidya start operation



Lidya Pre-Series B Round


30000 Loans Disbursed



Lidya Finance-on-Demand Launch

The Team


Tunde Kehinde


Cristiano Machado


Stanley Lau


Gbenga Ajayi


Oluwaseun Okanlawon

EVP, Finance

Carolina Rodrigues

Marketing Manager

+50 extraordinary Lidyans


Omidyar Network
BCP - Bamboo Capital Partners
GoodWell invest with impact
Alitheia, Creating Wealth, Transforming Lives.
Newid Capital
Tekton Ventures
Savannah Fund

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