How to
Apply for a Loan

Experience the simplicity of securing a loan on Lidya App - apply seamlessly to multiple lenders, receive a response within 48 hours, and enjoy the convenience of no collateral requirements.

Create your Lidya Account


Kickstart your journey by creating an individual or business account on the Lidya app – the first step towards seamless financial solutions.


Add your Bank Accounts


The next exciting step will be to submit your preferred 3 - month bank statements from all your accounts and unlock your access to loans from multiple lenders.

Apply for a Loan from multipleLenders


Your journey with Lidya culminates in applying for a loan. As the final step, gain access to a curated list of lenders within Lidya's network, empowering you to choose and apply for loans that suit your unique needs.

Get a Loan Now!

Greater opportunities, increased transparency, and expanded access to credit.

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